• Entry Fee $40.00 per couple. Entry fee are payable to Jill the 1st night of league play & cover the end of the year payout.
  • League will run from Tuesday, May 2nd through Tuesday, August 29th.  (16 weeks)
  • Tuesday, July 4th there will be no play due to holiday.
  • Fun night will be August 29th.
  • League is based on a 2-person scramble format. (1 Male & 1 Female)
  • Shotgun start @ 5:30
  • Alternate front/back format
  • 80% Handicap Format


  • If you are unable to play on Tuesday, you are requested to get a sub.
  • If both teams agree to play their match on a different night other than Tuesday, the teams must notify either Jill or Kristy that they will be playing a different day. The match must be played on the same nine (front or back) as the regular league play for that week.
  • Mutually agreed matches must be played by the following Sunday. Your scorecard, signed by both must be sent to Kristy by Sunday following your regularly scheduled match.   Please take a photo of your scorecard and text or email it to Kristy. 419.306.6478 or kristy@kristypersohn.com.


  • In the event that only one team member plays, they will be allowed to take 2 attempts at each approach.
  • Teams that forfeit 3 matches during the season will be dropped from the league after the third forfeit and their remaining matches will be filled by the next team on the waiting list or from the sub list if necessary.
  • Scorecards must be verified and initialed by a member of both teams in a match. Scorecards are to be turned in at the end of the round. If you have a sub please write both the first and last name of the sub player and who they are subbing for.


  • Matches will be played unless the course is closed. Matches will not be played due to inclement weather.  Call the clubhouse or check online to confirm that the League is cancelled.


  • The ball can be moved within one club length of the best shot (except on the green), but no closer to hole.
  • Best ball that is in the ruff, hazard or sand trap must be played from that area or hazard.
  • Ball on the fringe of the green cannot be dropped on the green.
  • All other standard rules of golf apply.
  • If you have 1 player sub, your team will play with a 0 handicap.
  • If a full team has a sub, they will also play with a 0 handicap until they have established a handicap after 3 rounds.

Skins game

  • An optional skins game will be played. $5.00 per team. Payout based on best ball. If there are no winners the payout will carry over to the next week.  Sign the skins sheet at the desk and put your money in the skins box.  The sheet must be signed prior to tee off.