We hope to have another fun Couples Scramble League!  Please share with your friends as we welcome new teams!  This year we will start on Tuesday, May 2nd and end Tuesday, August 29th.  It will be a total of 16 regular weeks of play.  We will not have play on July 4th due to the holiday & fun night will be on August 29th.

I ask everyone to register here online.  Please take time to look through the website to view the rules, schedule and roster.

We will not have a league meeting this year.  Same rules apply as last year except 2 new rules:

  • If you have 1 player sub, your team will play with a 0 handicap.  There was a lot of confusion last year and its impossible to keep track of a handicap with just 1 sub.  Therefor, we have decided that if you bring 1 sub you will play with a zero handicap.  Please make sure to mark your scorecards properly.  If your teammate is injured and you need to replace your teammate, you will be allowed to re-establish your handicap with your new teammate.
  • If a full team has a team sub, they will also play with a 0 handicap until they have established a handicap after 3 rounds.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask Kristy (419.306.6478) or Jill (419.619.2853)

Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 2nd!!

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